Environ­mental Verifiers

Environmental Verifiers

Assessment of legal requirements by environmental verifiers

Various laws and ordinances provide that certain audit tasks may be performed only by approved environmental verifiers. The areas of activity in this respect have increased sharply over the past few years.

Environmental verifiers and environmental verifier organisations require, pursuant to the Umweltauditgesetz (German Environmental Audit Act - UAG), special approval by Deutsche Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsgesellschaft für Umweltgutachter mbH (DAU). According to DAU's approval register/ database (approval register), only about 250 environmental verifiers and environmental verifier organisations, each of which have other industry approvals in accordance with the NACE code, have been approved in Germany.

Our services:

In addition to the typical audits and certifications of environmental management systems and the validation of environmental declarations (EMAS), various tasks in relation to waste management, energy and climate protection have now been transferred to environmental verifiers. These include, in particular:

  • Expert appraisals for installations under the Erneuerbare Energien-Gesetz(Renewable Energies Act - EEG)
  • Auditing allocation applications, emissions reports as auditors under the TEHG
  • Auditing reuse and recovery quotas pursuant to the AltfahrzeugV (End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance)
  • Providing certification in accordance with the Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act - ElektroG)
  • Auditing declarations of completeness in accordance with the Verpackungsgesetz  (Packaging Law - VerpackG)
  • Auditing entries to the biogas register (electricity from renewable energies)
  • Auditing entries to the register of guarantees of origin (biomethane)
  • Providing certifications and annual reviews of specialist waste disposal companies in accordance with the Entsorgungsfachbetriebe-Verordnung (Specialist Waste Disposal Company Ordinance - EfbV)
  • Verifying CO2 footprints

With regard to environmental verifier services, we work together with Energon AG Umweltgutachterorganisation as a partner company. Energon AG Umweltgutachterorganisation is an independent sister company of BfU. We will be pleased to put you in direct contact with an environmental verifier that has been authorised for your audit task.

Stefan Hüsemann

Stefan Hüsemann


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